Respecting other photographers

Now let me start by saying, I'm not perfect. I'm also not the best photographer in the world and possibly the photographer in question was getting paid an astronomical fee. But, as I arrived at Lerderderg State Park recently to capture a last minute winter sunset, there happened to be a photographer taking shots of a couple, presumably some sort of pre-wedding shoot, but right in the vicinity of where I'd planned to look for a composition. As the light was fading fast I moved to another part of the river and found something I was relatively pleased with. I could hear the other shoot continuing and even made eye contact with the photographer from across the river as they moved to another

Photobombed by the local wildlife

I had a perfect composition, perfect light and near dead calm conditions, all pointing towards an image I'd had in my mind for a while. Unfortunately the sight of a grown man, perched precariously on slippery rocks, with a tripod slowly sinking into the mud was just something these birds had to take a look at.

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