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New Release
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From Above

Introducing my latest collection of aerial images that capture the abstract beauty of landscapes from above. Each image offers a unique perspective, allowing viewers to interpret the subject in their own personal way. Explore the collection and discover the beauty of the world from a new angle.

See My Work

I have a permanent stall at the Williamstown Craft Market where I sell a selection of images at discounted rates.  This takes place on the third Sunday of each month at the Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown,  and I also regularly attend other craft fairs and markets around Victoria.

You can find me at these events


19 May 2024 - Williamstown Craft Market

16 June 2024 - Williamstown Craft Market

21 June 2024 - Seaworks Winter Solstice Event, Williamstown


Where there's light, there's hope.

When my landscape photography voyage began,  I could never have imagined I would be able to record the stunning scenic beauty around me, let alone be in a position to bring my images to an audience around the world.  I hope I can express to you through this site the connection I feel with the photographs I have taken and the stories behind them.


My wish is that the images you see here bring you as much enjoyment as they have given to me in capturing them and I truly do consider it an honour that you have taken time to stop by and  view them.



Thank You
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