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Fairytale Forest
  • Fairytale Forest

    I always like to challenge myself photographically in order to keep learning and developing my craft, and one of the ways I have done this is to move away from the obvious images, such as sunrises and sunsets, and look to create photographs in less photogenic settings like forests and woodland areas.  Until recently I would no doubt have walked straight past this scene, possibly not even venturing into this area at all, however I could see the colour in the centre trees contrasting wonderfully with the greens around them and knew there could be a possible composition.  I deviated from the walking track along a small path and the foliage thinned enough for me to be able to set up and capture the scen before me.


    Location - Mount Macedon VIC.



    Every effort has been made to accurately attempt to represent the colours of the original images. However, due to the many differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. 

      PriceFrom AU$100.00
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