On Location - Glenmore (10 Stop ND Filter fail due to user error )

Took a trip to the Pentland Hills (well that's what it said on the iPhone when I checked the weather), which are located somewhere south of Bacchus Marsh. I've been here a number of times previously where i was working on my image, Glenmore Sunset (below), but I'd always fancied trying to find an image from the top of the hills rather than from the valley floor.

Glenmore Sunset

Luckily the clear skies I experienced on the way were replaced with a decent amount of cloud by the time I reached the destination. I parked at the top of the hill which Glenmore Road ascends towards and had an image in my mind of the road meandering back down the hill taking the viewers eye towards the blazing sunset above the valley. Trouble was that whenever I found a promising location there was an inconvenient tree in the way. I traipsed back up the hill towards the higher ground to take the trees out of the equation, but then the valley became too insignificant.

At times like this, I generally head back to the car, curse my bad luck and head home. On this occasion though, heading back to the car actually provided a different angle which I'd completely missed and was right under my nose. As there was a fair amount of movement in the cloud, i broke out the Big Stopper hoping to catch the dreamy effect in the sky over the rugged terrain. It was a risk as the light reaching its peak and the 10 minute exposure could have meant I completely missed any decent drama in the sky. And in this case, I did. My schoolboy error of not putting the filter in the nearest slot to the lens meant that enough light leaked in to render the image useless.

All was not lost though as I turned in despair behind me and noticed the glorious full moon rising. By only moving the tripod 90 degrees, I had a decent composition incorporating the moon, a tree and the valley below. The light also played ball as the afterglow of a winters sunset threw beautiful pastel oranges and purples across the sky. I ended up with a very pleasing end product, "Winter Moon."

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