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  • Believe

    As so often is the case, if the rain stops before the sun sets then, there is always a definite potential for some stunning colour in the sky.  This was exactly the case one humid spring evening in 2020.  I'd spent the afternoon at this beach with my two sons, only heading home after the predicted storms came a little too close for comfort.  It seemed as though the heavy rain would continue long into the night but, after putting the kids to bed I glanced out of the window to see a small sliver of colour appearing in the distance.  I grabbed my bag and rushed out, knowing I had a matter of minutes to capture something special but, believing I would be able to (hence the title).  I could see he sky beginning to fire up as I sat behind a very slow driver so at the first opportunity I parked up, ran to this spot I knew would benefit from this light, lined up the rocks so the main colour was roughly in the middle and then hit the shutter.  The result speaks for itself.

    Location - Williamstown, VIC.


    Every effort has been made to accurately attempt to represent the colours of the original images. However, due to the many differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. 


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