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Distant Splendour
  • Distant Splendour

    Regardless of what we're led to believe, probably the most important element in landscape photography is pure luck. Over many years I had passed by an old, long dead, tree that was standing on its own in a field and knew it would make for an excellent focal point given the right conditions. Those conditions materialised one summer evening in early 2021, so I excitedly packed my gear and headed for the location, knowing I was going to capture something magical. As I approached, I noticed something wasn’t quite right and to my horror saw that the tree had eventually succumbed to the elements and completely blown over.

    Given the light was beginning to fire up and in a mild state of panic as to not having a 'plan B', I got back in the car and just drove along many random tracks in the area seeing if I could find anything worth photographing. Almost ready to give up, and heading in the general direction of home, I happened to glance upon the small dam to my right and realise that it was in the perfect position to reflect not only the sunset but the familiar peaks of the You Yangs. I frantically refined the position of my tripod and managed to capture a beautiful, reflected image and it was only as I packed away did, I realise that the water was only there in the first place because of the unseasonal heavy rain we had just endured.


    ​Location - You Yangs, VIC.


    This image received an Honourable Mention at the 2021 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

    This image received Bronze at the 2021 Epson International Panoramic Awards

    This image received an Honourable Mention at the 2021 International Photography Awards

    This image received an Honourable Mention at the 3rd Annual Photography Awards


    Every effort has been made to accurately attempt to represent the colours of the original images. However, due to the many differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. 

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