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Guiding Line
  • Guiding Line

    This is one of two lighthouses  that were originally built to guide incoming ships into the busy wharfs of Port Melbourne.  The dark marker at the bottom of the image shows the exact line the vessels used to ensure safe passage, and now serves as a wonderful leading line into the scene for the viewers eye.

    More advanced navigational techniques are now used but, the structure still provides a wonderful histpric focal point with its position between Station Pier on the left, where the Spirit of Tasmania is about to disembark, and Princes Pier to the right.


    Location - Port Melbourne VIC.


    This image won Bronze at the 2021 Epson International Panoramic Awards



    Every effort has been made to accurately attempt to represent the colours of the original images. However, due to the many differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. 

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