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Autumn Colours 2022

After a successful season in 2021, I headed out again recently to see if I could capture anything new or improve on what I had already photographed. A secondary reason for getting out was to become familiarised with the Sony A7 Riv, which I had recently upgraded to. My aim was to return to Forest Glade Gardens in Mount Macedon where I'd enjoyed the colour on offer the previous year but, to also head to Mount Dandenong which I'd also heard was a 'go to' destination at this time of year. So I headed there first and ended up at the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens just as it opened at 10am. This is a popular location all year round for photographers, many seeking the classic shot of the boat-house on the lake for their portfolio.

Overall I was pleased with the colour on offer although, given how late it was in the season, I was slightly surprised at how green a lot of the foliage still was. I managed to create a number of compositions I was happy with 'in-camera' and have mostly retained the enthusiasm for them during post processing.

The next day I re-visited Forest Glade Gardens in Mount Macedon. Although there was some favourable subdued light, which is perfect for this type of photography, it was much windier than the day before so I had to adjust my shutter speed accordingly if I wanted to minimise the movement of the foliage. The beauty, among many beauties of this location, is the diversity of different landscapes on offer, from ornamental gardens to forest walks and meadows, it truly is a wonderful photography location. Having processed only a small percentage of the images I took, some of my favourites are here,

I'm still currently processing a lot of the files, but have been really pleased with what I've come up with so far. The challenge is to find something new for next year.


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